Color of Changes

camera 36

13 June - 27 July 2024


KROMYA ART GALLERY was founded in 2018 in Lugano by Tecla Riva, Giorgio Ferrarin and Adriano A. Sala as a result of a long-standing common passion and expertise. In 2020 KROMYA expanded its headquarters with a new outpost in Verona, Italy.

In this exhibition Color of Changes by Domenico D’Oora, scheduled from June 14 to Sept. 13, 2024 in the spaces of KROMYA Art Gallery in Verona, a set of strictly monochrome works are on display.

The vibrant poetic presence of the chromatic space and concreteness of these works, their engaging perception, are the result of a perfect balance between the color spread in material linear modulations that expand in space and interact with light suggesting the flow of time in union with the projecting inverted pyramid thickness of the work. They invite the viewer to run his gaze over the surface and move around it perceiving its three-dimensionality, helping to define the disappearance of the idea of “support,” in favor of a work whose optical/tactile physicality is in relation with the same corporeity of the viewer thus participating, both involved, in the shaping of what is the poetry of the work; in color, light, space, time. The exhibition, realized in collaboration with the artist, will later also be set up in the spaces of Kromya Art Gallery in Lugano.

Domenico D’Oora, one of the most interesting Italian artists of his generation whose research, starting in the late 1990s, in a sphere of aniconicity, has made an important contribution to the renewed interest in monochrome painting by achieving original formal and expressive results and minimal concentration. Now, after having already collaborated, he presents in this first solo exhibition at Kromya Art Gallery in Verona, a selection of his works made with the use of the various materials and surfaces that characterize his work such as Multilayer + Pvc, shaped canvases, slate, stelae and bronze. In particular, the recent O-voids will also be exhibited, presenting the peculiar three-dimensionality of the artist’s pictorial works that intrudes the space here in an unusual ovoid volumetry.