Viale Franscini, 11
6900 - Lugano - Svizzera

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 11
37121 - Verona - Italia

KROMYA ART GALLERY was founded in 2018 in Lugano by Tecla Riva, Giorgio Ferrarin and Adriano A. Sala as the result of their long standing common passion and skills. The inaugural exhibition took place at the gallery, a classic turn of the century apartment in the heart of Lugano, located on Viale Stefano Franscini 11 and presented works by Alberto Biasi, Hugo Demarco and Francisco Sobrino. 

Since then, KROMYA has continued to forge an ambitious program of exhibitions, providing a natural home for a number of established and up-coming 20th-century Italian and Swiss artist estates while encouraging a continued and engaging discourse around their oeuvres. These include Silvia Ciaccio, Cristina and Renata Cosi, Federico Ferrarini, Giovanni Frangi, Andrea Gabutti, Riccardo Guarneri, Luca Marignoni, Flavio Paolucci and Alex Pinna. These artists have been instrumental in shaping the gallery’s identity, and are the inspiration for KROMYA’s diverse range of activities that engage with art, conservation, education and hospitality.

KROMYA expanded in 2020 to include a new outpost in culturally vibrant and strategically located Verona, Italy.

In addition to presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions, the gallery collaborates with the newborn GAL (Associazione Gallerie d’Arte Lugano) to present museum quality exhibitions.