On Perspective. Selected works from 2012 to 2020.

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KROMYA ART GALLERY was founded in 2018 in Lugano by Tecla Riva, Giorgio Ferrarin and Adriano A. Sala as a result of a long-standing common passion and expertise. In 2020 KROMYA expanded its headquarters with a new outpost in Verona, Italy.

KROMYA Art Gallery presents, from October 24th to December 9th, 2023, the solo exhibition of Thomas Huber titled On PerspectiveSelected works from 2012 to 2020. Showcased in Lugano, twenty iconic artworks provide an overview of the main themes explored by the renowned Swiss artist over the past decade, celebrated by MASI Lugano with a solo exhibition at the LAC venue.

On Perspective, created in collaboration with Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art in Neuchâtel, showcases oil paintings and watercolors, two techniques that have accompanied Thomas Huber since the early days of his career. His artistic practice challenges perception, transporting viewers into a dreamlike and imaginary world that reveals additional layers of realism beneath the seemingly accessible surface.

Architecture plays a central role in Thomas Huber’s production: the artist portrays spaces that evoke both classical and utopian realms. These places, although potentially real, are shrouded in an enigmatic aura, offering a profound experience to observers. For Huber, perspective is not merely a tool for spatial representation but becomes an integral part of the artwork, surpassing simple visual rendering, depth, and point of view.

It is all a game of perception and perspective, as can be inferred from the artwork that serves as the “manifesto” of this exhibition: Besucherandrang (from the series Am Horizont, 2015). The large painting presents the same architectural section repeated three times, faithful to itself but never identical in the eyes of the spectator. The artist also creates spaces that reveal other spaces, generating multiple perspectives within the same locations, as evidenced by the canvas Atelier Negativ (2015).

Throughout his career, Thomas Huber reflects on the ideal location to exhibit his works, and once again, the painted space seems to prevail over the physical space. “I always wonder what the ideal place to exhibit my works would be,” writes Thomas Huber. “And in the end, I always come to the conclusion that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an exhibition space, but that the works can express themselves best when they flourish in their natural element, that is, when they are presented once again within a painting.”

This concept comes to life in the artwork Massgaben (2013), a large canvas depicting a room completely filled with paintings: works that have been actually realized by Huber in the past, the present, or are in progress for the future.