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9 MARCH - 10 MAY, 2024


KROMYA ART GALLERY was founded in 2018 in Lugano by Tecla Riva, Giorgio Ferrarin and Adriano A. Sala as a result of a long-standing common passion and expertise. In 2020 KROMYA expanded its headquarters with a new outpost in Verona, Italy.

KROMYA Art Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of Swiss artist Andrea Gabutti (Manno, Canton Ticino, 1961) at its Verona location. The exhibition, entitled S.T. (untitled), will run from March 9 to May 10, 2024, and will showcase a significant collection of previously unseen works.

The exhibition will feature 25 works on canvas and paper, many of which are large-scale and have never been exhibited before. Several oil paintings on canvas from the new cycle dedicated to water, created in 2023, will also be on display.

Curated by Marco Franciolli, the exhibition provides an overview of the themes and techniques recurrent in Gabutti’s research. The peculiar figuration of Andrea Gabutti is the result of a long and complex experimentation process, primarily focused on nature and landscape, initiated in the early 1990s.

In 2012, Gabutti acquired a small landscape etching by Barthélemy Menn (1815-1893), an artist active in Geneva who had a significant influence on Swiss landscape painting. Starting from this tiny etching, Gabutti embarked on a new cycle of monumental ink drawings, initiating an in-depth investigation into the theme of landscape and its elements.

The exhibition will present an exploration of the relationship between nature and human construction, with Gabutti experimenting with new possibilities, introducing unpublished themes, often using graphite and ink, or creating monochromatic variants of the same theme with colored pencils.

More recently, the focus of Gabutti’s work has shifted to the refraction of light on the surface of water, a theme also recurrent in the pictorial tradition of a country like Switzerland. The artist revisits this iconic subject, focusing his attention on the fluid nature of water, its reflective qualities, and the structures of reflections created on the surface.

Overall, the exhibition promises to be a thought-provoking and evocative experience, showcasing the constant evolution of Andrea Gabutti’s artistic language towards new expressive possibilities, always of great sensitivity.